The AMG Team

At AMG, we hire the best and the brightest marine technicians, carpenters, lift operators and yard crew. When you trust your vessel to AMG, you can rest assured it’s in competent care.

Kirk White
Since moving to Anacortes in 1986 to get involved in the yacht repair industry, I have had many—and I mean many—great experiences!

One in particular was removing a pair of high-horsepower Ford diesel engines that were not performing to the requirements needed for the application, and replacing them with a pair of V10 M.A.N. high-performance marine diesels in a 70? Heisley, with Arneson surface piercing outdrives. This particular project was a featured article in Sea Magazine.

Other great experiences include serving as the chief engineer on a 175' crab boat, working long line and freighter vessels in the Bering Sea, and crossing the Gulf of Alaska from Dutch Harbor to Seattle nine times. Also, I spent a season in Bristol Bay as an independent marine mechanic, and was even hired out as a deck hand to give gill netting a try.

In 2000, I went to Dana Point, California, to work for Pacific Asian Enterprise, which eventually led me to be the commissioning manager of Nordhavn yachts. While there, I increased the work force from three to 12, was instrumental in setting up the Stuart, Florida, commissioning department, and had the best customer satisfaction to date. I also participated in the N.A.R. Atlantic crossing as the flotilla fleet captain. Upon arrival in Gibraltar, I turned around and delivered the 57’ Nordhavn known as Atlantic Escort to South Hampton, England.

Since then I've delivered many vessels up and down the Pacific Coast, the Atlantic Coast, Baja, Australia and one trip through the Panama Canal. Oh, and I've worked as a charter boat captain and dock master for Anacortes Yacht Charters.

Now, I work with my team to make Anacortes Marine Group the most trusted marine service shop in Anacortes.
Darren Pearson
Hailing from the “Great White North” of central Canada, the idea of living and breathing boats was kind of a foreign thought to me, but my father had a great sense of adventure, so boating became a family activity in later years. With my mechanical aptitude and curiosity, I became the family member who kept our fishing and water skiing machine always at the ready.

From working on boats on the lakes and reservoirs of Arizona to Florida and back to the Northwest, I have enjoyed and learned from many experiences.

My work in Anacortes began at a service facility and then with White Marine Service in LaConner, where I got my “legs” for the area and its needs. In 1995, I went into the marine business for myself as “Sea To Sky Boatworks," and enjoyed that for 18 years.

One of the exceptions to those 18 years was a three-month sabbatical to Australia in 2005. I was invited to help finish a 72' custom Dutch Yacht with one of my favorite people and current business partner, Kirk White. When I returned to Anacortes, I worked for Nordic Tugs, where I spent four years in production, delivery, repairs and customer service. It was another great experience.

In 2013, Kirk and I created AMG where our accumulated experience, knowledge and customer support provide clients with the quality care they look for from their yacht service provider.
Rene Sommer
Office Manager
With 25+ years of experience as a bookkeeper in the Anacortes area, including working for a boatyard in Laconner, I keep Anacortes Marine Group's main office organized and help ensure our workload flows smoothly.

The favorite part of my job is talking to boat owners. I love getting to know them and hearing about their travels. I'm very talkative which is part of what makes AMG's office a friendly, welcoming place.

Honesty, loyalty and fairness are strengths AMG's owners stress in all of their dealings with customers and employees. Those qualities help us have a strong sense of quality customer service, which I believe is the most important part of any business.

When you work with AMG, know that we're here for you.